Freight Forwarder UK to USA

With the UK Government encouraging exports, it’s no surprise we have had an increase in export services from the UK to the USA. Spatial Global can offer a full ‘door-to-door’ solution which includes clearance through US customs and delivery to any address in the USA.


Shipping to the USA couldn't be easier if you use a freight forwarder

There are clear advantages of exporting to the USA, it’s the world's largest market! It has the world's largest private sector with minimal language barriers. It’s simply one of the most innovative consumer markets in the world. When you appoint a freight forwarder to handle the whole UK to USA process for you, it couldn’t be easier - but there are complicated regulatory barriers, USA customs practices and legal obligations you need to be aware of.


Sea Freight for UK to USA exports

When it comes to shipping from the UK to the USA, sea freight is a great economical freight option, especially if you have a large or heavy shipment. Sea freight is surprisingly fast between the UK to an east coast US port such as New York, it can be as little as 7 days. To ship to the west cost of the USA (for example into Los Angeles) the shipping time is around 30 days.


Air Freight for UK to USA Exports

Air freight is a preferred option if you have an urgent, ideally light, or high worth consignment to ship to the USA. With daily departures from most major UK airports to a wide variety of USA airports, you can often get the closest airport to your cargo’s final destination. Our team will advise on a suitable departure airport in the UK and destination airport in the USA - and take care of everything door-to-door, no matter how last minute!


Your UK to USA ‘door-to-door’ Freight Forwarder

Spatial Global can manage every step from collection in the UK, delivery to the UK sea freight port or airport, sea freight or air freight to the USA, customs clearance and delivery to your customers door in the USA. We can handle every aspect of the shipping process that you require and it starts with a simple conversation - no hard sell, just understanding what you need, where and when.

Call 01332 289220 and speak to one of our freight forwarding experts about your specific needs, get free advice and a ‘no obligation’ quote.




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