Green Magazine Mailing Solution

As publishers seek greener ways to mail magazines without plastic, an increasing number of Spatial Global’s customers are turning to compostable wrap or paper envelopes to ensure that their magazine distribution is aligned with their sustainability goals.


People increasingly prefer not to receive magazines in plastic

Consumer concern about the environmental impact of single use plastics has grown at a rapid rate since the airing of the final episode of Blue Planet II. 62% of surveyed UK audiences say they wanted to make changes in their daily lives to reduce pollution of our oceans.


Publishers choose green magazine fulfilment solutions

As magazine publishers wrestle with the ‘green’ alternatives to polywrap, many are now taking action. An increasing number are opting for compostable potato starch wrapping while others have chosen to wrap their publications in paper envelopes manufactured from sustainable sources.


Expert advice on a range of options

Spatial Global offers a number of options to help you eliminate plastic from your mailing fulfilment. Contact us to discuss the choices available and the benefits of each.

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