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Over a year ago we published an article outlining the possible impact of Brexit on international mail and parcel deliveries. 15 months later uncertainty remains about the final outcome of Brexit, so here is a quick update.


The future relationship between the UK and the EU remains unclear

At the time of going to press, we face a general election where the three key parties have very different agendas for how Brexit will be handled. However, whichever party wins, the impact of leaving the EU will be the same as we set out in our previous article.


What has Spatial Global been doing to plan for leaving the EU'

At Spatial Global we offer Mail, Ecommerce and Freight services, so our teams have been very active in assessing what's happening with Brexit and managing the possible impact on our customers. The biggest implication for parcel services is likely to stem from changes the Government will make in customs arrangements between the UK and the EU following the UK's exit. In each of our core business areas you can rest assured that we are ready for whatever happens. As this is a fluid situation, we recommend keeping up to date with the government’s Brexit update page at https://www.gov.uk/brexit.


Whatever the outcome of Brexit, we will sort and send it!

The team here is continuously working with our post and parcel agents across the world to review systems and ensure that items continue to move across borders efficiently. This includes monitoring the market for any alternative models for customs and tax collection and ensuring that our supply chain remains unbroken. The team at Spatial Global is well placed to manage the impact of changes to customs processing and to minimise any disruption to your international mailings.

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