Driving growth by doing business internationally

Spatial Global are experts at helping businesses improve their potential for expansion and growth. There are many other fast-growing, less-competitive markets. Just spin the globe and you can find an opportunity to sell something, somewhere.


Spatial Global’s expertise enables business to trade internationally with confidence

The team at Spatial Global are recognised as experts in import and export. They have been recognised by government organisations like Department for International Trade and trade organisations like BIFA, and membership organisations like The East Midlands Chambers of Commerce (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire). They have helped numerous businesses achieve international growth by going global as an importer-exporter.


The international expansion journey can be treacherous

Between establishing a fresh customer base, learning new laws and regulations, finding trustworthy partners, and becoming familiar with the local customs, the road to becoming a global company is difficult to navigate.

  • Language and cultural differences
  • International compliance and regulatory issues
  • Packaging, foreign language instructions, etc.

If you plan on expanding globally, you will want a great team or partner. Even if your 'partner' takes the form of a mentor, you need someone you trust and who can vouch for you.


This is where Spatial Global can help you grow your business internationally

It is important for businesses looking for international growth to understand that they will need help. With each new country comes new challenges, and businesses must adapt to maximise the opportunities for each new market.


A huge opportunity for growth for UK businesses

Thanks to the UK Government’s drive to increase exports, there is now an unprecedented amount of information available for those businesses looking to take the next step. With pledges to double UK exports to £1tn per year by 2020 and the UKTI’s National Export Challenge aiming to get 100,000 more businesses exporting in the same period.

Driving the growth of Britain’s SMEs through international trade is a key focus for the Government, and is seen as crucial to improving the deficit.

Exporting not only helps individual companies to grow but also plays an important role in improving our trade balance. 

Crispin Simon, Acting Chief Executive, UK Trade & Investment


These are tough targets and Exports would need to increase by around 9% year on year to achieve the Government’s aspirations. To put this into perspective, the highest export growth rate in prosperous years so far has been around 5%. Yet despite these figures being challenging, the market is out there, and opportunities for UK SMEs looking to grow internationally are huge.


Common barriers to entering new overseas market

According to the same UKTI research, 64 per cent of firms experience significant barriers to entering new overseas markets, with the following being the most common:

Legal and regulatory barriers – 43%

Custom barriers – 27%

Lack of contacts – 25%

Language and cultural barriers – 17%

Lack of resources – 15%

A bias towards domestic providers – 15%

Lack of information – 14%

Spatial Global ensure you have everything in place to help you successfully do business internationally. Providing you with the expert resources to support and sustain your growth in a global market place.

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