Historic iconic publication distributed internationally by Spatial Global

Established in 1937, Tribune magazine was positioned as a socialist voice against the rising tide of fascism in Europe. The magazine has reflected the views of left-wing politics in Britain for more than eighty years. After running into financial difficulties it was purchased in 2018 by Jacobin Publisher, Bhaskar Sunkara, and is now distributed internationally by Spatial Global.


A publication moving with the times and technologies

The magazine has endured a world war, a cold war and the digital revolution and has survived to be relaunched last year as a quarterly printed publication and website. The printed version has a wide and diverse range of subscribers who are spread across the globe. The digital version provides the benefit of instant information but demand for the printed publication reinforces people’s preference to read a physical magazine even in today’s digital world.


A who’s who of editors and contributors

Tribune is notable for featuring a number of high profile writers over the years. George Orwell spent many years as literary editor, and writers from Upton Sinclair to HG Wells, Doris Lessing, George Bernard Shaw, and Seán O’Casey have been published throughout its pages. Tribune counts many prominent figures of the socialist movement among its former editors, including Michael Foot, Aneurin Bevan, and Barbara Castle.

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