Mailings move to paper envelopes sourced from sustainable forestry

The BBC series Blue Planet II highlighted the impact of plastics in the world’s oceans. This has intensified public pressure against single use plastics and has prompted many publishers to review the use of polywrap in their magazine mailings.


International mailing influenced by an environmental theme for 2020

The world maritime theme for 2020 is "Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet". Inspired by this theme, a leading organisation has reviewed all aspects of its environmental impact and identified its publications mailing as a key area for change.


Mailing with plastic wrap is a clear area for improvement

The reduction in single use plastics has become the target of many large organisations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. With a worldwide subscriber database for its publications, one organisation was acutely aware of the issues associated with polywrap. In distributing its publications in polythene, it was essentially exporting the plastic wrap which meant that every recipient around the world had the challenge of recycling or disposing of it as waste material.


The ease and ability of recycling paper is a key factor

It cannot be taken for granted that subscribers receiving publications will have access to plastic recycling facilities in their country. Conscious of this, the organisation considered possible alternatives. Paper was the most obvious choice despite a cost premium. It is more widely recycled than paper, and where this is not possible it naturally degrades in a relatively short timeframe. When manufactured from a sustainable source it potentially has the lowest carbon footprint of the eco friendly options available. For these reasons, this organisation has moved its mailings from polythene to paper envelopes from sustainable forestry.

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