Exporting pitch turf technology for sports played on a world stage

Whether it's this years’ Euro 2020 or the recent football and rugby World Cups, you will have seen SIS Pitches work in action. Their ground-breaking turf technology is installed at the highest profile stadiums across the world, and Spatial Global supports them with their international logistics.


Based in the UK, SIS Pitches is a fully international business

With a head office and manufacturing facility in Maryport, Cumbria, the independent business has expanded into a truly international company - with an office network stretching from Ireland, the Netherlands and Russia to Turkey, the Middle East and Angola. SIS Pitches has established itself as the leader in sports pitch technology.  The core product is SISGrass, a hybrid grass which is 95% natural turf reinforced with polyethylene fibres. It’s installed with SISGrass patented injection technology that enables more playing hours and faster pitch recovery.Leading the world in pitch technology

The 2018 Russian World Cup made history, as for the first time a combination of hybrid grass and aeration systems were used at the Luzhniki stadium, the venue for the final. The pitch was a huge success, receiving over 84 hours of use over just 35 days - more than some pitches get in a full season.

The stadium hosted a total of 16 hours of games, 8 hours of training sessions, 31 hours of rehearsals and ceremonies and 29 hours of VAR and GLT tests. Despite the intensive use of the pitch, it still looked and performed exceptionally well for the final, which was a credit to the maintenance team and the latest pitch technologies. In fact SIS Pitches designed, constructed and installed SISGrass hybrid pitches at six of the 2018 World Cup venues.


Russia and the UAE have given us fantastic exposure but much of our business is not in the high-profile tournament sector but with colleges, clubs and schools. We’re different because we offer a full service, end-to-end solution, controlling the whole process from design and manufacture of synthetic turf in our own factories, right through to installation and maintenance. Customers in the public eye know it’s just us they deal with – that’s very important for trust and efficiency.

George Mullan, Chief Executive, SIS Pitches

World Cup appearances and international contract wins for its ground-breaking turf technology

With a contract for venues used in the Club World Cup to be staged in the United Arab Emirates in 2022 (UAE), plus a host of Euro 2020 stadiums featuring the hybrid grass installed with SISGrass patented injection technology – our exposure to products Spatial Global has helped deliver is set to increase in the months and years to come.

With our growth and timescales, it’s essential we have a partner we can trust. Spatial Global have been there throughout, helping ensure we are able to fulfil the promises made and allowing us to focus on our specialism - providing the complete pitch construction solution.

David Ball, Managing Director. SIS Pitches


From big ticket tournaments to club and training grounds

As an internationally recognised leader in sport pitches, SIS Pitches provide a wide range of solutions to a breadth of customers - designing, manufacturing, constructing, installing and maintaining world-leading pitches across the globe. It’s a portfolio of synthetic, hybrid and natural pitches that includes football, rugby, cricket, hockey, golf, tennis and other multi-use games areas. So when they need help in shipping to the far corners of the world, they call Spatial Global.

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