Send Mailing Data Securely for GDPR

As a company who provide mailing solutions for publishers at home and overseas, we are by default their designated data processor. This simply means to ensure each mailing is sent to the correct recipient’s address, we need to have their ‘subscriber list’ for the relevant magazines we are contracted to mail out.

Our use of the list is explicitly for the task of mailing the specified publication issue and the ‘subscriber list’ is deleted upon completion of our contractual obligation.


Subscriber lists are fluid

As new people are added, whilst others may be removed, means we receive multiple ‘subscriber lists’ every day for the different issues of the publications we mail. The most popular way the subscriber data lists are provided to Spatial Global is by email. Many companies send their data by encrypted email, however some do not. This is a risk as emails can be intercepted, and if the data is not encrypted, it would result in a data breach.

Providing solutions to make GDPR compliance easier

Spatial Global Mail is always looking for ways to make the process of transferring the subscriber mailing lists easier. We’ve now invested in a portal which enables our mailing customers to send us their data very easily and securely, using SSL Encryption. The username and password will be provided securely to you directly by our IT department, and you can start using the portal straight away to upload your data.

No additional software is required to be installed

You simply login to the system using your internet web browser software, and you will be able to immediately upload your data file with confidence it cannot be intercepted (as emails can), because it will have been transferred directly to our server. An automated confirmation email provides you with an immediate response to confirm the successful file transfer. This means you will have significantly reduced the hassle factor and time needed to send encrypted subscriber data, whilst being fully GDPR compliant.

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