What is more sustainable than paper wrap?

If you’re a publisher looking to reduce your carbon footprint, paper is a renewable resource which is highly recyclable.


3 Huge benefits of paper magazine wrap

Paper is a renewable resource and if sourced from sustainable forestry it’s great for the environment when compared to the alternatives for mailing wraps. It’s a truly circular material, trees growing taking CO2 from the air, harvested and then turned into paper. Used for a variety of applications, and then easily disposed of - because everyone knows how to recycle paper.

1. Eco-friendly, sustainable product and recyclable

The paper used for our paper magazine wrap solution is FSC and PEFC certified and is easily recycled after use. Therefore, its sustainable lifecycle will support any environmental commitments associated with CSR policies or ISO14001 efforts.

2. Provides unlimited design and promotional opportunities

Paper magazine wrap can accommodate virtually any design you can think of, from plain block colours to intricate designs and photos, the possibilities are endless.

3. People understand what to do with it

Paper wrap packs are easier for those with a strong conservation ethos because they understand paper and how to dispose of it. It is 100% recyclable with all Councils providing kerbside collections.

Many publications are exploring the switch away from polywrap in a response to reader feedback, because of the exposure of what single use plastics are having on our environment, some readers do not want to see plastic used at all.

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