New Paper Wrap Mailing Machine Ordered

Spatial Global Mail has been a leader in promoting sustainable mailing options for publishers, and have pioneered alternatives to LDPE polywrap, with materials like biodegradable potato starch-based film. The greatest challenge has always been the ability to recycle. This is because many products can be technically recycled however, the volumes, sorting process and reliance upon specialist recyclers has been where the ’sustainability’ fails.

Paper has always been recycled

Paper as we know it today was first made in Lei-Yang, China. About 300 years later, during the 8th century, Muslims (from the region that is now Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq) learned the Chinese secret of paper making when they captured fibre from recycled paper. Recycling has always been a part of papermaking.

Which is why paper wrap mailing is the answer

Paper magazine wrap isn’t a new solution, however, with the current backlash against single-use plastics and the problems surrounding recycling, Spatial Global have decided to invest in a new paper wrapping line. With visits to several manufacturers of paper wrap lines, plus the businesses operating the various alternatives of the equipment under review, the selection was made. The paper wrap line should be installed and operational by April 2020. The work to locate the new paper wrap line, train our people and change operational processes is well underway.

With publishers approaching us for alternatives to polywrap because of the general public’s resistance to the use of plastic of any kind, we wanted to explore all options to help our customers achieve their ‘environmentally friendly’ mailing goals. Whilst some companies are converting their wrapping lines to move away from polywrap, we saw an opportunity to purchase a wrapping line designed for wrapping paper. The numbers make sense, as this brings paper wrapping to our customers without publishers paying a huge premium to be more environmentally friendly. Most importantly, it means the end user can easily dispose of the paper wrap, as everyone knows how to recycle paper.

Mike Wallis, Executive Chairman of Spatial Global



The paper used will be FSC and PEFC stock

Spatial Global have already secured agreement with a paper merchant to provide the reel fed paper for the paper wrap machine purchased. A key criteria was that the environmental qualities of the provider and paper being supplied. The chosen supplier is FSC licensed, which means they can identify, purchase and use paper and other forest products made with materials from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources. They also subscribe to PEFC - the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. This is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organisation which promotes sustainable forest management through independent third party certification.

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