Doncaster Sheffield Airport Growth in Freight

Flexibility and agility key to air freight during COVID-19, and Doncaster Sheffield Airport is fast-becoming the UK's most user-friendly freight airport.

Dedicated Boeing 767 cargo charter from China

Doncaster Sheffield Airport has worked closely with Spatial Global and several partners to facilitate the importing of huge quantities of vital PPE for the NHS on a series of dedicated Boeing 767 cargo charters. The benefit of Doncaster Sheffield Airport is it combines the convenience of a regional airport with first-class cargo facilities for both scheduled services and ad-hoc movement of goods.


Handling time critical, complex COVID-19 related shipment requests

With an experienced team at Spatial Global, we have been able to use our trusted network to handle movements of time critical and very often complex COVID-19 related shipment requests. Working closely and in partnership with organisations like Ligentia, we were able to charter the 767 Freighter at a time of peak demand in the industry. Equipped with powered cargo-handling equipment, both on the main deck and in lower holds, the Boeing 767 Freighter provided complete automation of the cargo-loading process, making the cargo handling easy and efficient.

Freighter-friendly Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Flying direct into Doncaster Sheffield Airport, meant the goods were landed central to the UK motorway network.  With its 24 hour operation and without slot restriction, Doncaster Sheffield Airport 's also very freighter friendly and considerably less congested than other airports. With Head of Cargo, Ray Wood, with over 20 years’ experience in the airline air freight sector, its reputation is growing fast. Investment in this area is apparent, with its very proactive team, which has recently doubled in headcount to offer enhanced capacity and flexibility. Now offering a 24/7 operation to air cargo customers, Doncaster Sheffield Airport will deliver major international connectivity and economic benefit to the region.

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