Spatial Global Temperature Test Impact of COVID-19

With Coronavirus pandemic impacting businesses across the board, Spatial Global asked their customers for feedback on how they had performed.

COVID-19 pandemic hit International business hard

As a global mailing house and freight forwarder, we experienced first hand the devastating impact the pandemic had on some of our clients. Fortunately, Spatial Global has been almost fully operational throughout this crisis, which saw many organisations close as a result of the Governments lockdown policy. During this lockdown Spatial Global were able to support almost all customers with their
needs. However, we feel it’s more important than ever to keep an on-going pulse on our customer expectations, and let them tell us how we performed. In contacting our clients we were able to confirm our COVID-19 response measures, and communicate effectively to our customers what impact the crisis was having in relation to the services they needed. We also surveyed them to get an objective measure on how we did.

The full survey results are online at

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