What mail can be sent where as a result of COVID-19?

The Mail team at Spatial Global are actively monitoring this rapidly evolving situation. There are some delays or suspension of international deliveries to and from dozens of countries due to flight cancellations and actions by foreign governments. But if you are unsure it's easy to get up to date information from one of the mail team via the website via the contact us section or call us.


The exchange of physical goods during lockdown has been largely reliant on the Postal services

During the spring lockdown, many people relied on the postal services to deliver their online purchases. Which is why national postal
services suddenly found themselves on the list of 'critical infrastructure' and declared 'key workers'. With COVID-19 shutting down
workplaces and putting entire business sectors into stand-by, governments across the world strained to keep trade flowing and economies on their feet. With the ease of lockdown restrictions, things look like they are slowly returning to some form of normality.

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