Importing PPE for the NHS at the height of the crisis

A squeeze on capacity, a spike in demand, and shortage of PPE – the perfect storm. However despite market rates rocketing, Spatial Global kept our fees super low to help the NHS.


When longstanding NHS providers need help in getting product into the UK

Spatial Global was called upon to help several key suppliers to the NHS. Each had a similar challenge, getting product from an overseas manufacturer, into the NHS supply chain. As a consequence of our intervention, each one had a successful result and vital products were able to enter the NHS supply chain at the height of the crisis.


Collaboration and a trusted network was key

The supplies including ventilators, PPE, dialysis equipment, and other critical inventory, were being imported from a variety of different
locations. But one size doesn't fit all when it comes to freight forwarding in the present crisis. The final solutions were arrived at through a combination of expert 'logistical and freight forwarding' interventions. This innovative collaboration involved project teams
representing the NHS suppliers, their manufacturers, a network of local agents and the airfreight companies – all working with
Spatial Global as the coordinator.


Whatever your international supply chain needs, it pays to work with experts

Some of the NHS supply chain contracts gained were through existing clients who had simply needed to increase their volumes. But many were through organisations who were unable to ship their products because of the changing market place. Experts in freight forwarding and logistics will have the knowledge, experience and contacts to provide shipping solutions. They will know what areas to explore when it comes to being innovative and creative, they understand the changes and can help manufacturers - and the supply chain - adapt and respond to this dynamic global crisis.

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