New Freight Manager at Spatial Global

Robert Tedd, highly experienced in multi-modal freight operations, joins the team to drive growth in import and export sales.


Looking forward to the challenge of helping businesses grow overseas trade

At a period where the UK is set to leave the EU, and will have a greater emphasis on exports, Robert is keen to learn about the existing Spatial Global freight clients. However, he also has an ambition to help the many businesses exporting seek out more cost efficient routes to grow their overseas trade. His extensive experience spans a rich mix of freight modes since 1985, which means he will quickly become a valuable part of the Spatial Global team.

"I've been given a very hands on role, with extremely varied responsibilities covering personnel management, sales development, customer service, health & safety and security along with operational & legislative compliance. Having worked for several larger operators including FedEx, plus a stint in the USA, I have a great deal of experience. But what I'm relishing is the unique opportunity Spatial Global have presented me with. Their size keeps them agile, responsive and flexible, whilst their team has depth of experience and their parent company provides the financial security businesses will need during the next year."

Robert Tedd, Freight Manager, Spatial Global


A family man who appreciates 'can do people'

Married to Clare, Robert has three children, eldest daughter, Jasmine (21 next month), son Finley 18 and the youngest daughter Mazie-Rae who is 11. Robert is a Midlander and has always lived and worked within the region, apart from 2006 - 2009 where he was relocated to the USA. A keen golfer, and Aston Villa fan, he was no doubt be relieved to see them retain premier league status on the last day of the season.

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