Global sales for book considered a piece of art

The book is a photographic, cyberpunk-inspired exploration of nocturnal Tokyo by Liam Wong, and is published by Thames & Hudson, with global mailing fulfilled by Spatial Global.


Blade Runner Inspired

Liam Wong was born and raised in Scotland, but moved to Canada to become the youngest director at Ubisoft, the video games company behind Assassin’s Creed. He started teaching himself photography when his job took him to Tokyo for the first time. Mainly his images were taken at the regular tourist spots until one evening he took one of a taxi driver waiting for his passengers. The composition reminded him of the cinematography he loved and captured the look of his favourite movies. With only a few social media followers he was surprised when his photo-post of the taxi driver created such a buzz. Encouraged by this feedback, he focused on taking and posting more images like this Blade Runner-esk composition.

100,000's of followers globally means his books are highly sought after

His debut photo series: 'Tokyo Nights (TO:KY:OO)’ - capturing the beauty of night through moments after midnight - gained
over a million views worldwide, accumulating a following online and kickstarting his journey into photography. Wong has since collaborated with many high profile companies, artists, musicians and directors. In 2017 he was listed as one of Forbes magazine's influential 30 Under 30. Liam Wong is an award-winning art director, and is now based in Japan. He's an accomplished graphic designer, game developer, and photographer, but he's best known for defining, designing, and directing visual identities. With 204.6k followers on Instagram and 135.7K followers on Twitter, he has a strong following and as a result is work is highly sought after.

The challenges of mail fulfillment with something so precious

When fans of Liam Wong's order a book online they want it to arrive in pristine condition, after all it is a prized possession.
However, sending anything through the mail which involves several carriers, multiple modes of transport and several handling systems, means it needs greater than normal protection. Which is why at Spatial Global, we've developed a unique packaging process to ensure the book arrives just as it left our warehouse - in perfect condition.

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