Exporting Challenges of Low Cost Items

When a company wins The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade, you know they have a quality product, so when Spatial Global were approached to help in providing help exporting their low cost storage solutions they were happy to accept the challenge.


Maximising the space was key

As manufacturers of a large range of robust and attractive plastic storage boxes for the home and office, the business wasn't new to exporting. However, they did need to find a better, more cost effective way to export their products. With any storage product, you typically have the challenge of maximising the shipment as you can be paying for exporting fresh air - literally!

With tight margins you need to manage costs

Finding cost effective shipping routes is about understanding the drivers and it's typically about time, weight and route.
With light weight products, like plastic storage boxes, it's then about optimising the container through carefully planning the loading. This then creates the challenge of orders and frequency of replenishment. Working with the Spatial Global freight team the client was able to choose from several potential routes, offering different delivery timescales.

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