Jewers Doors Champions of Export

Jewers Doors design and manufacture industrial sliding and sliding-folding door systems for aircraft hangers, fire stations, shipyards, rail depots and a variety of other specialist building applications. Their products are purpose made and over 70% of them are exported, mainly to the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and more recently Australasia and North America.


British engineering and manufacturing expertise exported across the globe

When you design extremely large sliding & folding doors, working with partners is reasonably straight forward and facilitated via digital communication.  Manufacturing brings it’s own challenges but given the right team operating from a purpose developed facility most aspects are controlled. However, when manufacturing oversize and bespoke products for exports, getting the goods to the customer undamaged and on time can be quite a headache. The projects Jewers Doors get involved with aren't your typical construction contracts. Often they are highly sensitive, sometimes secret and almost always time critical. Which means the logistical challenge is almost as difficult as designing and manufacturing the product.


Logistical challenges of exporting out of scale or project cargo

Exporting has many challenges for any British manufacturer, you need to consider payment methods, timescales, currency fluctuations, insurance and export documentation, and nowadays COVID19 as a minimum. But when your product is out of scale, every aspect of its journey requires a purpose designed logistical solution. The moment it leaves the Jewers Doors facilities in Bedfordshire, each leg and mode of transport needs to be strategically planned. Timed to seamlessly integrate with its air or sea passage and onward journey to its final destination.

“Meeting the needs of Jewers Doors delivery schedule requires complex planning and a very hands-on approach. Which is why, to ensure any Project Cargo is handled responsibly, means we need to get involved from the instant our client first gets the order.”

Ian Radcliffe, the Spatial Global Freight Manager


Exporters requiring project logistics must thrive on challenges

As if the projects Jewers Doors get involved weren't challenging enough, they can often be highly top-secret, time critical and be required in remote locations in the middle of the Americas. Whether it's the complexities of designing and manufacturing sliding doors for projects like the Ariane 6 launch facilities at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, delivering to a Fire Station site in the Mid-West, or a hangar project in the middle of the Arabian Desert - if the purpose design doors arrive damaged or late, it would be disastrous.


Why do Jewers Doors choose Spatial Global as their project logistics partner'

Well to answer that question, we asked Director of Jewers Doors, Jonathan Jewers and here’s what he had to say:

"Many of our projects are confidential, customers can be inter-governmental, multi-national and the completed project can be of global significance. Our project cargo partners need to be leaders in their field and capable of operating at the highest levels of confidentiality. The freight forwarding team needs to understand what is being shipped, the clients and the processes involved in each destination country and transit port to ensure that delays don’t occur. For these reasons, Jewers Doors has a long-standing relationship with Spatial Global and relies on their team for a fast, efficient and discreet service. Their team has an unrivalled understanding and appreciation of what Jewers Doors needs when transporting exported solutions."

Jonathan Jewers, Director, Jewers Doors


The bottom line is exporting custom-made and ‘out of scale’ project cargo needs great planning, and a trusted team who seamlessly work together as one from the outset of an order.

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