Magazines Back Catalogue Ecommerce Sales Up

There's no disputing the magazine publishing sector has had it tough, but with lockdown something strange happened.


When people have time on their hands they like to read

The really interesting feedback from the Lockdown period was the impact on magazine sales, with many of the higher end magazines seeing increases in their subscriptions. But what was more interesting was the appetite for back catalogue copies. Spatial Global have the ability to offer storage and e-fulfilment of your magazines back catalogue, and when new subscribers buy in to your publication, they often want more.


New subscribers keen to get hands on back copies

Often the higher end or hobbiest magazines are less time sensitive, opting for features and photos of a subject matter which is often timeless. Typically these publications are a higher quality production and have a staying power, as they are often collected, saved as reference and rarely thrown away. Which is why during the lockdown period, when magazine subscriptions increased, typically there was a corresponding peak in the ordering of back catalogue copies. People wanted more, and were too impatient to wait for the next issue, preferring instead to binge on the back catalogue.

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