Exporting innovative specialist print decals

EBI is one of the UK's most innovative creative print house's servicing a broad range of industries throughout the World with bespoke ‘intelligent’ decals solutions.


Intelligence and innovation key to strong export market

EBI are proud to be a privately owned British manufacturer, based in Derbyshire, their growth strategy of strength through diversity has seen their exports sales soar. With a degree of secrecy surrounding their product development, client base and end application – they have grown a niche specialist area into a global business.


Developing Decals for specific environments, functions and security requirements

Tom Heath, Technical Director at EBI, explained that although decals are almost everywhere we look, they are often more complex than you might first imagine. The EBI process has several technical design elements, in addition to the obvious graphic look of the finished product. Because exporting decals to almost anywhere in the world means the environmental impact on the decal must be a part of the initial development process. The technical process could be ensuring the adhesive and substrate can perform in extreme temperatures or high UV conditions. Does the decal need to glow in the dark or have some other functional consideration factored into the life expectancy required. The security is another aspect of the decals function. Are high levels of anti-counterfeit measures needed' Are there any other functional security requirements like numbering, colour coding or digital coding' The complexity of a decal development can be extensive before it ever reaches the graphic design stage.


Exporting technical expertise coupled with multi-disciplined production capability

EBI have the right mix of technical expertise to solve any problem their customers may present. Having invested heavily in plant, premises and an 80 strong team, their business has grown since 1977 through creating innovative solutions to the challenges presented by customers. It's this approach which has made them the go-to provider for creative print solutions which have a demanding list of technical and security requirements. It’s for this reason EDI largely work under NDA’s for wide a range of high profile customers providing diverse creative and technical solutions to print and decals worldwide.


Having the right export team at your side

"Spatial Global have been an active partner in the growth of our export sales and are looked upon as an extension of our team. They have helped us gain the knowledge needed to understand the logistical challenges, timescales and compliance requirements when distributing our product across a global market place. They understand our products, the needs of our customers and have been a positive force in helping EBI grow export sales."

Tom Heath, Technical Director, EBI

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