Brexit ‘Transition End’ Impact on Mailing

Zero commercial value mailings are set to continue as normal. Only post and parcels containing goods will have changes to the way they are handled across the international mailing network.


We don’t expect any implications whatsoever for international magazine mailings

I am pleased to say that we don’t expect any implications whatsoever for international magazine mailings and contract post as a result of Brexit. The posting of mail, including magazines, will continue the same as today, and while there are changes to customs regulations these only apply to larger shipments with a commercial value.

Andy Berry Commercial Manager Spatial Global


Post, Contract Mailing and International Magazine Fulfilment  after January 1st 2021

At the end of the transition period, the EU may treat UK imports as it does non-EU imports today. However, as mail has zero commercial value the smooth flow of mail across borders should be uninterrupted by future EU/UK customs and VAT arrangements.


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