Unlocking growth potential with e-fulfilment

The past 12 months has been a year of seismic shifts – with consumer behaviour adapting to reflect the new normal of a locked down economy.


ecommerce is the new norm

It's anticipated the way we work, live and buy has irreversibly changed. With people making ecommerce their chosen route to shop, the impacts on retail and the high street are set to be huge. But are businesses selling online ready for the changing landscape'


Does your ecommerce fulfilment partner have specialist sector knowledge'

2021 will be the year that businesses take stock of the big shifts in consumer behaviour. Coupled with a more complex international landscape it's more important than ever before companies selling online select the right partner. A partner who understands post-Brexit cross border delivery, and the impact on international ecommerce. As specialists in international freight, global mail solutions and ecommerce fulfilment Spatial Global have both the experience and expertise to ensure you can reach the widest audience with your online sales.


Does your ecommerce fulfilment partner have the capacity'

Changes in the market requirements have seen a trend to move to one location who will warehouse, pick and fulfil your online sales. Managing not only the fulfilment but the VAT and specific customs requirements of the country destination. Because as international online sales grow, more governments are stepping up their efforts to ensure that taxes on the ecommerce sector are collected. Spatial Global are vastly experienced in managing customs documentation and managing cross border compliance. They are a safe pair of hands in what is set to be one of the most significant but unpredictable years in online retail. Are you sure you have the right partner'

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