Online book sales surge during lockdown

With more than 100 countries worldwide experiencing full or partial lockdowns by the end of March 2020, and most starting 2021 in a similar state has resulted in a boom in reading.


People in lockdown are looking for inspiration and education

The pandemic has caused an abrupt, massive shift in consumer behaviour, and resulted in an explosion of online book sales. Whether its recipe books, home crafting or children’s educational books, as parents have moved en masse to homeschooling - book sales have soared as a result.

Keeping up with the growth and shifts in demand has been challenging, but we’ve been able to stay on top of the surge and develop efficiencies to ensure we don’t let our customers down. It’s meant operating a 7 day working week to keep on top of the increase in online orders.

Ruth Hubball Ecommerce Customer Delivery Supervisor, Spatial Global


Shifting markets and different fulfilment challenges

In addition to new book sales there's been a boom in the second hand market, with the recycling of lightly used books. This has thrown up several challenges, but Spatial Global has successfully adapted to provide warehousing and post/pack e-fulfilment solutions for both used and new online book sales. 

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