Growing trend to greener mailing options

As we hit the 12 month milestone of the installation of our paper wrap mailing line, more and more magazines are converting to paper wrap envelopes.


Consumers want less plastic delivering to their homes

With a growing awareness of the environmental issues caused by plastics, consumers are demanding less plastic. This is becoming a rapidly growing movement with the public pressure impacting across many sectors from supermarket packaging to magazines in the post. With subscribers urging publishing houses to make the switch from plastics, more and more titles are choosing paper wrap mailing.

It seems hard to believe it's been a year since the system was installed at Spatial Global, and with all that's happened during the past 12 months it was a fantastic investment. It would have undoubtedly been significantly delayed as a result of the pandemic had we not committed to the purchase in 2019. It's offered our clients a cost-effective option for a more environmentally mailing solution.

Janet Smith Mail Manager Spatial Global

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