Spatial Global a Keswick Enterprises Company

In a year of systemic shifts within the economy and uncertainty permeating every sector; the benefits of being part of a successful group like Keswick Enterprises are undoubtedly reassuring to those who rely on us as a key partner in their supply chain.


Helping UK business trade through facilitating imports, exports, ecommerce and global mail

The financial backing, in-depth resources and breadth of group expertise provided by Spatial Global, makes us unique in the market place. With three core complementary business strands, Spatial Global already stands out as a very different company to most of its competition. However, where the real difference is lies below the surface. The Keswick Group have unrivaled expertise in the logistics and supply chain sector, this is matched by the financial resources to invest for the long term. This combination has seen an investment in a state-of-the-art paper wrap automated mailing machinery, providing customers with a greener more sustainable alternative. It’s also resulted in a more expansive infrastructure within ecommerce fulfilment capabilities available to Spatial Global customers. The investment in freight forwarding is largely within the team of people. Their combined expertise, with continual professional development, keeping them abreast of the dynamic landscape in which they navigate.


How does this approach help our customers'

Understanding that in business, long-term success is about having the right partners, Spatial Global store great value in people. One of the key reasons our customers choose us and stay, is because they have faith in the people at Spatial Global. This is, they say, because the people at Spatial Global understand their business, the part we play in their financial success, and operate as an extension of their business – not like a faceless component in the supply chain.


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