Mental Health Online Book Sales Growth

With many people enduring isolation for unprecedented periods, coupled with the increased awareness of how mental health impacts on our lives - has brought about a boom in mental health publishing, resulting in record online book sales.


No longer a taboo subject people share insights and experiences

There can't be many out there who haven't felt the anxiety around personal and family health and finances during the past 12 months. With a constant flow of personalities sharing their experiences of living with mental illness, attitudes have started to shift in a big way. This has lead to an increase in books which explain the feelings but also highlight proven coping mechanisms and how to recognise triggers. This raising of awareness has made great strides towards abolishing the stigma of mental health, and the appetite for these stories spans the globe. Spatial Global can validate this with the expansive online book sales on mental health being mailed to virtually every corner of the globe.


Publishers play a powerful role in raising the profile of mental health

As attitudes change, fighting stigma and helping people find support remains a crucial service. It’s paramount the publishing community embraces testimonies reflecting the hope and recovery that is possible with mental illness.

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