Ecommerce Return Logistics

Reverse logistics, or managing products that have been returned by a customer is an increasingly time consuming process which many online retailers are now choosing to outsource the function.

The growing problem of eCommerce returns

Returns are inevitable for online retailers, but with soaring online sales comes increased returns - and all the costs which go with it. It's generally accepted that online returns are between 2 and 3 times higher of purchases made in store. Ecommerce platforms increase sales as they have greater reach, 24/7 exposure and the customer can access all products and variations in stock. Buying online is now an expectation and as more retailers expand their online offer to meet customers growing demands - they need to manage the increasing returns challenge.

Free delivery and free returns are shown to increase sales

Free delivery and free returns are shown to be drivers of increasing online sales, however eCommerce returns is a growing problem for online retailers. Optimising their returns strategy is crucial for companies to maximise their profitability, and that's where Spatial Global have been able to add value to the supply chain. Efficiently managing the ecommerce returns for several clients to ensure the costs associated with processing returned goods is kept to a minimum.

Treating returns as assets with the potential to generate income and contribute to net margins

Our solutions ensure all your existing systems are linked together to provide the data needed to track and trace items and transactions. Our ecommerce team can help you manage the cost of returns on your business and the potential for improving net margins by reducing the rate of returns and increasing the income available from returns. Helping you make your returns processes leaner and more efficient by re-modelling, developing benchmark data on rates of return, identifying decreases in costs and in losses that could be used to drive innovation and best practice.

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