Adapting to the changes for imports and exports

What is Spatial Global doing to support your import and export needs'


Change and innovation driven by challenges in the global supply chain

More than ever, innovation and change are the twin engines of growth, competitive advantage, and success in the global business model. The current challenges in the global supply chain, in addition to the impact of Brexit by UK business, have resulted in huge changes within the Freight Forwarding sector.

Spatial Global have invested in a variety of activities to help with imports and exports

We've tried to keep customers informed on the changes in the imports and exports landscape, so you understand the challenges we've faced. This article is focused on the positive activities we have undertaken, or have in the pipeline to provide you with the best import and export solutions.


Community System Provider (CSP)

CSP’s are independent trade systems that directly serve hundreds of carriers, transit sheds and freight forwarders. CSPs record and track the movement of goods within ports and airports, enabling them to operate more efficiently.

In the UK, there are five Community System Providers (CSP’s) that are connected to CHIEF. These CSPs operate inventory management systems which are directly connected with hundreds of carriers, transit sheds, and freight forwarders. They record and track the movement of goods within ports and airports. To submit customs declarations, companies need a badge of the relevant CSP.

Spatial Global are increasing the number of badges to ensure we have the widest choice when working on an import or export solution.

Increasing capacity through both recruitment and training

Hopefully you will have seen or spoken with the individuals added to the Spatial Global freight team. In tandem with this increase in numbers, we are implementing training programme to cover any new processes. This is to ensure our freight forwarding team are informed on all the aspects which could impact on your shipment. We understand our people are our greatest asset. Their relationships with you, understanding your shipment needs, and keeping things personal is our key differentiator.

This includes the replacement of the CHIEF and NES systems by 2023

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced that the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) will become the UK’s single customs platform with effect from 31 March 2023. CDS is currently used for Northern Ireland and Rest of World declarations and has already processed more than one million declarations since it went live in 2018. Services on CHIEF will be withdrawn in two stages: on 30 September 2022, import declarations will close on CHIEF; then on 31 March 2023, export declarations will close on CHIEF and the National Exports System (NES).

CDS has been developed over a number of years in consultation with the border industry and the transition to this system will provide a more secure and stable platform. More importantly, one that has the capacity and capability to grow in line with the Government’s trade plans.

Innovating - developing new commercial models for greater agility and tailored freight solutions

Shipping and freight forwarding has largely been regarded as a commodity product, with a technical element 'bolted on' to ensure the documentation is correct. The changes in the global supply chain have forced businesses to review how they regard freight forwarding. Shipments have been forced to move away from a 'get the best price model' to a 'can you get my shipment there model.' With prices soaring due to a lack of capacity, whilst demand increases – it means quoting no longer secures the price or the place, as the demand is so great.

Spatial Globals' approach is about 'risk management’ and understanding the clients product, our clients’ customer needs, and identifying critical timescales. In short, understanding the cost of the lack of supply or delivery to the client. Then developing a 'trusted relationship' to book a shipment and confirm the price later.

In the modern freight forwarding market, speed is of the essence, so to be successful we need to work in an open relationship of trust. Which is why we're developing new ‘commercial models' for greater agility and tailored freight solutions.

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