Why Agencies partner with a specialist mail fulfilment house

Philip Megson, Director of Quiet Storm, explains why he values the business mailing solutions provided by Spatial Global are a great fit for their business mailings.

Our clients want us to go the extra mile - Spatial Global helps us do that!

Quiet Storm has an extensive and impressive portfolio of clients, from The Rail Delivery Group, NHS Trusts, and International Paralympic Committee right through to International Charities, PLC's and online retailers. The sectors are diverse, but one element which is common is the need of a trusted solution provider. This has meant in Quiet Storm’s 35 years in business it's been provided with many challenges. Starting in print, the business evolved with the needs of its client base. Now, largely a provider of clever website and operational software - the company still facilitates many print based contracts.

Mailing is complex, sometimes a legislative requirement, so it needs to be right. In most cases, our clients ask us to manage a project which includes a mass mailing. These projects range from employee correspondence, trade publications, pension updates, shareholder mailings and sample mailing solutions.

Our expertise is in developing the communication, facilitating the process - not optimising the mailing costs - something which is especially tricky for overseas mailings. Using Spatial Global, we were able to optimise the clients mailing fees. The Spatial Global team is always helpful and work with us to develop any new mailing piece - this means we can design in aspects which reduce the costs, or avoid increased mailing fees. But most of all, it's the people - developing relationships which means both parties have an understanding and know what's needed and build on the trust.

Philip Megson Quiet Storm

If you are managing mass mailing on behalf of a client – Spatial Global can help

The mail team at Spatial Global will take care of campaign production, working with you on data management, personalisation, automated folding, insertion and collation. All designed to ensure you have a smooth mailing process with cost-effective fulfilment.

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