Marking Earth Day by highlighting eco-friendly packaging for mail

To mark Earth Day, we thought we’d help you understand the environmentally friendly mail packaging options available for high volume mail or magazine distribution.

The most effective ways to go green with your mailing operations

We want to help you with advice on the most effective ways to go green with your volume or magazine mailing operations, and highlight the 'green wash' out there. So to mark Earth Day and support the public pressure against single use plastics, we're helping you to review the options to using polywrap in mailings.

Andy Berry Commercial Manager


Paperwrap - the eco-friendly packaging for large volume mailings and magazines

The green trend is growing and customers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues. This is why lots of publications are choosing to convert to the more eco friendly paper wrap for their mailing packaging. The 100% recyclable paper wrap is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to polywrap mailers, with printed material providing impact as well as protection.

Here are a few substantiated facts...

  • Paper is made from trees, making it renewable, sustainable as well as easy to recycle.
  • 55% of the fibre used by the European pulp and paper industry comes from recycling (Cepi, 2019)
  • The paper, pulp and print sector is one of the lowest industrial emitters of greenhouse gasses*

*The paper, pulp and print sector is one of the lowest industrial emitters of greenhouse gases, accounting for 0.8% of European emissions. SOURCE: European Environment Agency, Annual European Union Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2018, 2020

Download Print and Paper - Myths & Facts


Potato starch - translucent eco-friendly and fully compostable mail packaging

Compostable potato starch wrap has become a leader in sustainable, environmentally friendly mail packaging. The potato starch packaging has a silky feel and a smart, translucent appearance. The material used to manufacture compostable wrap comes from waste potatoes, not a crop grown expressly for this purpose. The 100%-compostable potato starch wrapper contains no oil-based materials, plastics or harmful toxins, and carries the EN13432 certification. It’s durable but will break down in less than 52 weeks on a compost heap, making it the ideal material for wrapping magazines, catalogues or brochures for postal distribution.


Need help and advice on eco-friendly packaging'

Give us a call and we'll take you through the greener options for your specific needs and finding the balance between cost and sustainability. It's likely that your postage contributes the bulk of the mailing budget, with print and personalisation a relatively small proportion. In practice, therefore, switching from plastic to a more sustainable mail packaging solution may not increases the total cost as much you might expect. We can also help you use less packaging materials to reduce waste and help you use recycled shipping materials (boxes, fillers, and shipping labels).

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