Investing in our Freight Team and CargoWise

Freight Forwarding and international customs have changed more in the last two years than in the previous 50 – so it’s more important than ever that our people are supported with expert training by accredited bodies.


Making sure our people are up to speed and have the right digital tools

Brexit, digitisation, ecommerce and a global pandemic have all driven change within the sector. Freight forwarding companies have experienced an era of unprecedented and volatile change. Global supply chains remain disrupted and with capacity issues making planning difficult, you could say it's been a challenging time for anyone in the freight forwarding industry.

New governance, online systems and CargoWise Certification

As digitisation takes hold of the sector; new governance protocols get introduced; and new online systems are being phased in - the Spatial Global team have invested in training to keep ahead of the changes. Fortunately, Spatial Global was one of the first independent companies in the UK to adopt the CargoWise system, when it was first released.  CargoWise is a highly advanced software platform which centralises logistics operations on a single global database. It’s endorsed and utilised by some of the largest Global logistics businesses, Airlines, Vessel Operators and other associated service providers. With its integral links in the global supply chain, its software solutions help us operate more efficiently across borders, regulatory bodies and freight modes. It provides easy access to shipment data, removing the need to capture shipping data from numerous external sources.

Certified operators, independently trained and assessed

The CargoWise system provides a wide range of functionality, and is viewed by many industry prefessionals as the global industry standard. Freight forwarding operators using it require a combination of training on the software coupled with ‘on the job’ experience to understand and benefit from the wide range of applications the system provides.  Having user experts (super users) within their subscriber network helps CargoWise to improve service offerings & they therefore encourage companies like Spatial Global to enrol operations personnel to its bespoke certification programme. This in turn means our people develop an advanced understanding of CargoWise terminologies and task management. We feel this gives our company and freight team a real edge because we’ve configured the system to our specific business processes whilst at the same time improved competences through certification within a system renowned for delivering best practice tools & workflows.

Investing in the development of our people helps us deliver better solutions

Unlike some other countries around the world, to operate within the UK freight forwarding sector, individuals do not need to have achieved any specialist qualifications.  Although there will always be a need to gain ‘on the job’ experience, Spatial Global ensure our operators also personally develop the technical knowledge needed from a credible industry body. One who can provide a certification of competence, this ensures our team experience is backed with independently assessed qualifications.

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