Need smarter integration solutions for your e-fulfilment?

A robust, integrated ecommerce fulfilment process can save you time, money and help you increase sales.

E-fulfilment is a crucial element of your online retail success

Several surveys focused on ecommerce sales, highlight that up to 25% of online cart abandonment is down to 'high shipping costs' or unacceptable delays in obtaining the goods because of 'slow shipping'. According to a recent survey published by Stephanie Chevalier Jul 19, 2021 - this figure was as high as 41%.

How ecommerce e-fulfilment, integration and shipping works

When a product is purchased online, the ecommerce order needs to be processed, picked, packed and shipped before getting it to the customer via the carrier. This has developed into a specialist service and is provided by companies who understand mail and deal with a host of different carriers to get the best delivery prices and solutions, especially if you are selling overseas. They understand stock management and have warehouse systems which provide full visibility. They also have integration with the leading ecommerce ordering platforms and can facilitate multi-channel ecommerce as well as wholesale orders.

How can you ship further, faster and cheaper'

Learn from the leading online retailers, who outsource their ecommerce order fulfilment by partnering with a specialist e-fulfilment company. Their online orders are directly facilitated by their e-fulfilment company because their online shop is automated and this means that orders are sent directly to the e-fulfilment company. This enables them to deliver great online shopping experiences because they focus on the customer’s needs. This helps them to strengthen their online brand’s reputation because they are not trying to compete with specialists in e-fulfilment.

Why choose Spatial Global for your e-fulfilment'

Spatial Global are experts in warehousing and e-fulfilment processes and can help you solve your ecommerce challenges. They are positioned to help smaller online businesses grow and provide a scalable solution. With experience of multichannel online sales and a supplier into Amazon, we can provide expert advice on how to streamline your order management processes.

With 'ready to deploy' integration between your ecommerce platform (Shopify; Trade Gecko; Lift Off; WooCommerce; CS-Cart; EKM) and our warehouse management system, the on-boarding process is streamlined. Our stock inventory management system will keep you informed and agile.

We help you grow by managing your end-to-end e-fulfilment process:

  • E-fulfilment integration from multi-channel online sales
  • Receiving orders and managing inventory
  • Processing order fulfilment and managing carrier relationships
  • Cross border ecommerce solutions
  • Wholesale ecommerce solutions
  • Optimising your returns processing

Specialist areas

  • High value books
  • High value smaller goods and gifts
  • Vape products and accessories
  • Education products and subscription sales
  • Clothing and accessories


E-fulfilment packages designed for small to medium businesses

We work with small to medium sized ecommerce businesses so we can provide tailored solutions to all aspects of your order fulfilment, so your customer’s experience matches your vision.

  • Little to no set-up fees
  • No on-going “management” or “IT” fees
  • Focused on helping you grow
  • Design and facilitate specialist packaging solutions

We understand the demands on a smaller business, and we have a variety of solutions which can be designed around your needs. Our fee structure is transparent, and apart from an agreed storage fee, you only pay when we do something - for example, stocking, picking, dispatching, etc.


As freight forwarders we can help you import and export

With a bonded warehouse, if you import from overseas, we can provide more than ecommerce fulfilment. Equally if your overseas sales are growing via wholesale, we can help you expand your global reach.


International mailing specialist

As a trusted partner to the UKs leading publishing houses, our international mailing reach, carrier relationships and routing knowledge is second to none.

Ecommerce fulfilment isn’t one-size-fits-all

There are a number of factors to consider when you choose the best fulfilment services company for your business. You need a partner that specialises in shipping the kinds of products you sell and is located close to your customers. Spatial Global is located in the East Midlands, close to East Midlands Airport and on the backbone of the UKs logistics routes. It's perfectly positioned for our three specialist areas; Freight Forwarding; International Mail and Fulfilment.

Plus, with over a decade’s worth of e-fulfilment experience, our proven track record in helping brands scale-up their ecommerce business with both multi-channel and wholesale e-fulfilment solutions - we could be the partner you are looking for.

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