Building ecommerce fulfilment solutions around your needs

Tailored ecommerce solutions help our customers develop their brand with unique business processes to support them.


6 examples of high-performance ecommerce fulfilment with tailor-made processes

Using our expertise to develop flexible ecommerce fulfilment, Spatial Global has developed a diverse portfolio of ecommerce clients. Each who have fulfilment solutions designed around how they want to work. Our clients understand their market, customer needs and how they want their brand to stand out. It's our job to develop efficient e-commerce fulfilment processes, combined with a scalable warehousing solution by using technology to enable high-performance ecommerce fulfilment.

Example 1: Specialist Packaging

A USA based publishing company, specialising in high value limited edition publications, manages their global stock, warehoused in the UK, with Spatial Global. This is because Spatial Global has developed a bespoke packaging process for them to prevent the high value books from getting damaged during their journey through the various international mailing systems.

Example 2: Dynamic Mail Routing

An East Midlands business, pick and pack their goods and print their labels via the Spatial Global platform. The customer uses the Spatial Global label portal to enter the product, destination country, weight and mailing format required. This is then instantly processed by Spatial Global’s carrier database, creating a shipment for the customer based on the most cost-effective routing for the service level required. This portal then creates the labels specific to the relevant carrier - which the customer prints and puts on the relevant package. They then have a daily drop to Spatial Global at their Castle Donington facilities, where the carriers collect consolidated consignments daily.

Example 3: Consolidated retail store replenishment and online fulfilment

A bricks and mortar retail network expanded their sales online and discovered the vast number of lines on offer were difficult to manage in-house. Working with Spatial Global, their entire UK and overseas retail network is replenished centrally from Castle Donington. Their online sales have grown significantly because their inventory is centralised. This also makes forecasting and stock management much more efficient.

Example 4: Cross Docking ecommerce fulfilment

An overseas client who sells education kits globally uses Spatial Global to cross-dock, because it utilises several different suppliers from across Europe. They send in their products directly to Spatial Global, the products are then temporarily stored until the subscriber data is received. They are then picked in sets to create that month’s 'education kit' and individually dispatched to a world-wide list of monthly subscribers.

Example 5: Omnichannel ecommerce sales

Several online brands use Spatial Global because they have solutions to integrate seamlessly with their ecommerce platform and centrally manage their stock. Orders from the different platforms (e.g. their online store, third party 'drop shipper' and other online channels like Amazon) enter the Spatial Global order management system where they are picked, packed and despatched accordingly.  Routing is optimised using Spatial Global’s Dynamic Mail Routing software. This routes the package to the right carrier and mailing service to deliver the customer with an optimised mailing cost per package, based upon size, weight, destination and service required.

Example 6: Amazon Fulfilment

Some clients who sell via Amazon, also use Amazon for their fulfilment, e.g. Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). To keep their inventory in alignment with projected sales Amazon raise stock replenishment orders, which Spatial Global fulfil using their access to Amazon approved carriers. Spatial Global are issued with a delivery slot to deliver to the specific Amazon warehouse the stock is requested. This means the customers stock remains in a centralised inventory and optimises their global stock management.

The world is moving quickly, and customers are moving with it

For ecommerce businesses it’s never been harder to attract, delight, and retain customers than it is today. Spatial Global help you concentrate on your core business by taking over your e-fulfilment. Enabling you to optimise costs, focus on growing your business and increase your profitability.

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