Educational kits sold as subscription box ecommerce products

Subscription box educational kits, held in our bonded warehouse and sold online enable our overseas client to access the global market with a cost effective, cashflow friendly e-fulfilment solution.


Parents seek quality time educating their children and learning together

Our client develops and sells online education kits sold on a subscription basis and delivered monthly. They’ve successfully tapped into the growing trend of parents exploring ways to get more involved with their children’s learning. Their educational product portfolio provides a great combination of valuable bonding-time, a huge portion of fun, and make learning a family experience.  With easy-to-digest step-by-step instructions and quick results, they’re designed to educate and inspire - as well as develop a child’s confidence. However, with a growing number of themes, age groups and kits – the logistics around supporting their brands increasing global sales proved too much to manage in-house for the products creator.


A creative and tailored solution for subscription box ecommerce educational products

The creator of the brand of educational kits needed a way to outsource the elements they needed help with, while keeping control over their core supplychain. With an expertise in education, import and efulfilment they found Spatial Global - and were told they could have the tailored solution they were looking for.


An efulfilment solution designed around the clients needs and to aid cashflow

The client designs the products and manages the supply chain to create the completed educational kits. Consolidating the kits, they manage a bulk road freight consignment for delivery in to Spatial Global.  Upon arrival the stock is allocated to our bonded warehouse, this aids cashflow as it avoids paying duty on the goods until the educational packs are sold and shipped to the end customer.



Complexity made simple through technology

The educational kits have a global market reach, and the products are sold in a predetermined order which is designed to build on the learners previous knowledge. This means the orders being dispatched always contain a unique mix of themes, subscription stages, users and destinantion countries. The weekly orders are received via the Spatial Global API directly from the clients internal systems. The client is also able to check their stock holdings remotely. This means they can monitor stock levels and replenish when required, ensuring the required subscription packs are always available in stock.

Subscriptions shipped weekly across the globe

Spatial Global can provide a cost effective route for your subscription box ecommerce products to anywhere in the world. Our team are specialists in import and with our flexible solution design, we can help you take the pain out of your ecommerce subscription box fulfillment. You can import direct to our bonded storage or warehouse network. Distributing goods to consumers within the UK domestic mail system as well as the rest of the world. Because we distribute thousands of packages a day – it means you get our experience and economies of scale.

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