Amazon sales double for online book retailer

The international retailer attributes their dramatic increase in Amazon sales down to technology, a great global network of publishers and specialist book distributors.


Amazon front-end sales flow to network of book fulfilment partners

The model is simple, yet the complexities of what they do is what keeps them as a leading online retailer of books across the globe. They have local distributor partners, located in the country of their key publishers and book wholesalers. This means the technology within their bespoke software needs to know who holds which book, then calculate the distribution costs to their end customer from anywhere in the World to anywhere in the World.


Spatial Global receive bulk stock from their multiple suppliers

As the UK distribution partner, Spatial Global operations are turnkey to the orders received and daily dispatched books. This is only possible through bespoke integration between the clients order management software and Spatial Globals in-house warehouse, fulfilment and mail routing solution. This manages the information in a single interface and continuously updates the mailing costs and routes. This in turn enables the team to automatically select the most cost efficient mailing route depending upon the given criteria.


Here's how it works


And all this happens in a couple of minutes.


Distributing hundreds of books a day to countries all over the World

Spatial Global's unique ability to provide a tailored book fulfilment solution which optimises both your technology, packing and mailing costs has helped them carve out a niche. Now, regarded as the experts in distribution of high value books selling for £100's - our team can match you needs, target price point and technology to deliver a made to measure fulfillment solution. Whatever your book price point and fulfilment needs, we'll design a package to delight your customers without denting your bottom-line.

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