Publishing house ROUGH TRADE BOOKS launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an exquisitely produced boxed publication, containing the key research texts studied by Stanley Kubrick in his preparations for the film THE SHINING.


Kickstarter book distributors

ROUGH TRADE BOOKS approached Spatial Global as a new business, exploring the costs and options on the distribution of their latest concept. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, where they raised £73,001 against a target of £55,000, and sent in 6 pallets of books for distribution. Retailing at £50.00, the unusual box and loose-leaf format needed bespoke packaging to ensure that it would arrived in perfect condition. So far the book has been sent to approximately 1400 individuals worldwide.



The Kickstarter funded book is different in almost every way conceivable. It consists of numerous ‘chapters’ made in multiple formats—glossy pamphlets, image-rich booklets, a haunted hotel scrapbook. With over 120 loose-leaf typewritten papers, This publication can be read in any order and, like the film itself, can be re-ordered, re-edited, pulled apart and put back together again, each time reforming and reframing a new understanding. As well as key research texts, it also contains archive material, art, rare visual ephemera and exclusive interviews with lead actors. The book focuses a contemporary lens on the film to readdress an apparent gap in critique from the perspectives of women, mental illness, domestic abuse and domestic violence. The format consists of 4 key elements: loose-leaf typewritten texts; original and republished essays; high-quality analytical art and images; a haunted hotel scrapbook recreation.


Kickstarter and distribution of high value books

Spatial Global work with multiple book publishers and retail businesses, and have vast experience in ensuring high value and prestigious books arrive in mint condition. A challenging concept when you consider some will be handled by multiple postal agents in their transit across the World.

Factoring in storage and distribution is often a challenging calculation to add in the mix of a Crowdfunded Kickstarter book - luckily, Spatial Global are very experienced in this area and are happy to discuss logistics prior to any commitment.

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