Nachural Awards Finalist 2023

We're thrilled to have been nominated for International Business of the Year, and been shortlisted as a Finalist.


It’s a huge boost for all in Spatial Global team

Over 90% of our business is facilitating international trade, whether it's UK businesses requiring export or import solutions, or overseas ecommerce businesses needing a 'UK based' bonded warehouse and pick, pack and dispatch service to grow their UK ecommerce market. If you look back over the past 5 years businesses trading internationally have experienced an era of unprecedented and volatile change. From a global pandemic, broken supply chains, Ever Given Suez Canal obstruction, volatile freight prices, global port congestion, Brexit, new INCO Terms, new customs legislation and HMRC software systems, the list of challenges faced goes on and on. 


Most businesses that rely on the international markets for the success and survival of their business

These businesses need the support of a team who can advise, support and manage this ever-changing landscape. This means you need the combination of creative thinking, an expansive global network - and highly experienced people who think and act as if they are a part of your business. People who understand the routes, cultures and - the real-world applications of moving your specific product - not just a box.


There is no substitute for experience, but you must also keep up with the changes

There are few businesses who can compare their in-house knowledge of international trade and customs documentation with Spatial Global. However, when reviewing the individual experience levels, you'll see a surprising and diverse range in the Spatial Global age demographic. No matter what their age, our people, the investment in their knowledge, qualifications, and providing then with the ability to act confidently is core to what we do. This is because cross border business and international customs have changed more in the last two years than in the previous 50 – so it’s more important than ever that our people are supported with expert training by the relevant accredited bodies.


Experience, agility and innovation are the key to growth

The team here at Spatial Global work incredibly hard to provide our customers with the very best solutions for their changing needs as a result of products and services adapting to the constantly evolving world and challenges of international business.

Investing in the knowledge of our people, promoting agility and innovation - we will continue to overcome the obstacles sent our clients way, and this will ensure our business continues to grow. 

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