Shopify Fulfilment API Deprecation Extended

Support For API Version 2022-04 Extended To June 30, 2023.


What does this mean if you use Shopify'

The original API depreciation cut-off date was March 31st, however Shopify announced the extension for the new Fulfilment Order API, on their community hub.

Any public, custom or private  apps leveraging the deprecated Fulfillment API endpoints will stop working on June 30, 2023 in favour of the new Fulfillment Order API. All apps that have not migrated by that date may stop working as intended.

Shopify Apps Team


Why is Shopify deprecating Fulfilment API'

Using Fulfilment and Order resources to fulfil orders is no longer compatible with modern workflows. This holds apps back from a better, more accurate, way to fulfil and manage orders and makes it difficult for you to have visibility and control over your inventory and fulfilment. Fulfilment Orders API helps apps model the entire fulfilment process more accurately into its sub-pieces and unlocks access to new features like local delivery & pickup, fulfilment holds, subscriptions and more.


Spatial Global Shopify Integration to new Fulfilment Order API done!

If you're using Shopify and Spatial Global for your ecommerce fulfilment then your API has already been migrated. If you have an ecommerce site, use Shopify and have concerns about your ecommerce fulfilment then get in touch. Learn how we can help you pick, pack, and ship your orders so you can focus on growing your brand. The best thing is we have no minimum order requirements, and with the extension for the new Fulfilment Order API until the end of June, then there is ample time to get you onboard!

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