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Spatial Global is an award winning freight forwarder with extensive project cargo experience.  We have for many years provided solutions for complex international shipments including project cargoes requiring more specialised handling & equipment.


What is Project Cargo'

Project cargo also commonly referred to as heavy lift, project forwarding or project logistics, generally relates to the transportation of non-standard cargoes requiring specialised handling whether this be via Air, Land, Sea or a Combination. Project shipments are extremely varied, each one unique ranging from single pieces of equipment, often awkward in shape & size to multiple shipments consisting of various components where the dispatch & timely arrival for which can be critical to a larger program or assembly completion.


Time and mission critical international project cargo challenges

Project cargo presents some of the most challenging aspects of international freight forwarding, especially when it absolutely must be in the right place at the right time. Transporting large and heavy cargo from point A to point B is a path often riddled with potential obstacles which is why, if you're a manufacturer who needs project cargo, partnering with an experienced freight forwarder is vital because when you ship project cargo they’ll understand first hand what’s at stake, the complexities, help mitigate potential risk and plan for contingencies.


Project planning & estimating

Any international project cargo plan requires intense communication between the various stakeholders. All parties need to be connected in advance to establish a detailed plan that encompasses the entire shipping process.

A project team involving customers, suppliers, engineering, and other parties all need to be engaged and work off the same carefully considered plan. This plan needs to factor in domestic and international regulations; inspection requirements and documentation; limitations of load and discharge points; available transport modes; any specialist equipment requirements; even the availability of specialist labour at key transit points.

In many cases the project cargo planning and estimating element is just as critical a factor in placing the contract with an OEM, as their ability to provide the product required. As it often forms a key element of the purchasing framework on major projects – in other words, the supply and delivery are part and parcel of the project owners’ commercial framework for placing their order. A late delivery can often have significant impact on the larger projects’ success and have dramatic financial ramifications if not carefully considered.


Managing the risk of international project cargo

You need to get your mission-critical load where it needs to go, on time and damage-free. However every milestone of a shipments journey presents some element of risk time which is why any sensible project cargo proposal should incorporate door-to-door insurance against damage in transit, delay or total loss. The complexities of international insurance means that many freight forwarders avoid it, Spatial Global on the other hand consider it to be a valuable service & positively welcome insurance enquiries. Our full-value insurance cover gives you great cover and peace of mind it will secure your investment in your project cargo. What's more, in the event of a claim, we handle your insurance issues as if they were our own.


Packaging and cargo design for non standard shipments

The packaging and cargo design for oversized, heavy or highly valuable shipments starts with the initial planning stages and goes all the way through to final delivery. A detailed end-to-end process for handling project cargo needs to consider various key elements.

At every transit point there needs to be the capabilities to handle the most obscure or complex shipments that the specific project cargo presents.

  • Appropriate lifting and stowage securing points
  • Protection from the risk of impact damage
  • Protection from the risk of corrosion

The characteristics of both cargo and transport methods must be considered in the stowage, lashing and securing design. Especially project cargo moving by ocean freight, as the motions of heavy cargoes and the respective forces during sea passage can cause the cargo to move and shift when improperly secured. This movement of cargo can cause damage to the shipment, and potentially to the ship, plus put onward transportation at risk if it can’t be lifted safely.

Project cargo presents all sorts of unique logistical considerations, challenges, and opportunities – so bespoke packaging and cargo design need to be expertly supervised to avoid downstream complications.


Moving the seemingly unmovable cargo, or cargo with extreme dimensions

Planning and executing project cargo is a complicated and intricate process. It requires more resources and planning than most other sectors of logistics. It may require tailor-made transport solutions to manage transportation seamlessly between origin and destination whatever the combination of air, sea, road and rail services.


Spatial Global are an award winning international project cargo freight forwarder.

Acting as an extension of your business we work closely with you, as one team – from concept through to the final delivery – to provide a seamless solution.

  • Assess each shipment by their unique transport requirements
  • Provide project viability and risk profile summary
  • Develop a comprehensive routing schedule
  • Provide packing and loading support including customised crating
  • Coordination of lifting equipment (e.g. port cranes, stackers, heavy duty forklift), warehouse facilities, storage containers, welding facility and equipment
  • Export, import and domestic documentation and customs filings
  • International and domestic warehousing, distribution and transportation services
  • Comprehensive ‘all risk’ insurance cover
  • Full destination services (to door delivery)


Providing an integrated approach to covering our customers project cargo needs

It's important we add value to our customers business, we are not ‘simply a supplier’, but an integral part of their day-to-day business. It's this approach, experience and expertise while maintaining cost effectiveness and time efficiency that sets us apart from our project cargo competitors.

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