Paper Wrap Magazine Mailing

Environmental and sustainable mailing for magazines and catalogues


Eco-friendly paper magazine wrap

Consumers are driving demand for this fully recyclable magazine mailing wrap and pushing back against the ubiquitous clear plastic polywrap.  Although polywrap is a very practical and cost effective solution, paperwrap is fast becoming recognised as the most sustainable alternative. The effect plastics have on the environment has been well documented, and Spatial Global has embraced the alternatives to polywrap for environmentally conscious organisations.


Paper magazine wrap is 100% recyclable

Paper magazine wrap is regarded as the most eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic because it's both compostable and biodegradable. With an option to print the outer wrap with branding, offers and promotions, it has the eye catching qualities publishers want. It also has a suitable finish for inkjetting, supporting the barcodes that can allow access to the most cost effective postal services.


The move towards zero disposable plastic

Polywrap or any form of plastic-wrapped mail has been banned in France for domestic post since January 2022. La Poste is France's national postal service provider, delivering mail and parcels across France. It is not currently mandated to make checks on the packaging so the onus is on the publisher to adhere to French regulations. With other European countries looking to follow suit, if you send your publications overseas using polywrap you may need to consider the alternatives sooner rather than later.

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