Tailored e-fulfilment solutions for unusual ecommerce products

Niche physical products sold online that can't use conventional delivery solutions.


Challenging products to sell and fulfil via ecommerce

Samurai swords, flooring, security fog and chemistry kits, these are just a few of the unusual products we've developed delivery solutions for. Each niche product required a tailored e-fulfilment solution. Whether it was to accommodate a specific carrier specification, comply with the law (such as ID validation of the recipient), or some other logistical hurdle.


Specialist niche markets are growing faster online

As the ecommerce sector develops, it's the niche markets that are thriving online. No longer restricted by their geographical catchment, marketing reach or ability to hold stock. Niche products can get found online with a Google search. As long as your website can facilitate the informational requirements - you can sell virtually anything, to anyone, anywhere.


If you have an unusual product you want to sell online - give us a call!

Ecommerce sales have rules and regulations to follow, often resulting in unique challenges to overcome when fulfilling an order. We're helping more niche retailers overcome the challenges of distributing their products - enabling them to grow their businesses. Spatial Global provide flexible ecommerce delivery solutions - UK or Worldwide - for smaller businesses. Our comprehensive suite of warehousing, logistics and value-added services can unleash your brand’s full potential.

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