Pan-European manufacturer struggling with UK materials supply

Production line stoppages at UK manufacturing sites forces group to review import process.


Construction giant was struggling with their UK supply chain

The pan European manufacturer imported bulk volumes of its product from outside the EU. The bulk loads were imported via the Netherlands, customs cleared, and filtered via road haulage and distributed to their many manufacturing plants across Europe. However, their UK plants were experiencing production line stoppages due to irregular supply. The problem was a combination of port congestion, haulier shortages and customs. The UK arm of the business, a longstanding client of Spatial Global, explained their problem and asked for help.


Segregating UK manufacturing materials quayside provided a more reliable solution

Spatial Global reviewed the options and put forward that the 1500 tonnes of UK production materials should be segregated quayside. This involved isolating the UK bound materials at the source loading stage. This enabled them to be easily separated when off-loading the bulk cargo. This in turn avoided the port congestion issues experienced in the Netherlands. The UK bound loads were then transferred to another vessel for onward shipping. This meant UK customs processed the consignment and it could be distributed to the various manufacturing plants without any road haulier hold ups. This innovative quayside solution saved time, paperwork as customs processing was UK only, and provided the more robust supply chain solution needed for the UK manufacturing sites.

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