The Midlands Economic Summit 2023

Fostering connections, promoting innovation, and sparking thought-provoking conversations, the Summit invigorated the collective effort to unlock the Midlands' full potential.


A Resounding Success for the Midlands Business Community

As the CEO of Spatial Global, a leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider based in the Midlands, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Midlands Economic Summit held at the Vox in Birmingham on 7th June. It surpassed all expectations, establishing itself as a landmark event in the region's calendar. It encapsulated the essence of the Midlands' growth trajectory, celebrating achievements, addressing challenges, and paving the way for an exciting future.



A game-changing event that profoundly impacted Midlands business


Spearheaded by Nachural, the Midlands Engine, and a consortium of partners, including DHL, Pertemps, WM5G, Guest Motors, Arup, Birmingham Airport, Chambers of Commerce, Worcester Bosch, Midlands Innovation Universities, and local authorities - the Midlands Economic Summit was an unparalleled gathering of more than 500 representatives from business, academia, and local government. Together, the delegates embarked on a series of enlightening presentations that explored the strategic priorities shaping the region's economic landscape.

With influential speakers such as Andy Street and Sir John Peace, the summit provided an unrivalled platform for attendees to connect, share ideas, and cultivate new collaborations. As the CEO of a Midlands-based company, I was particularly inspired by the emphasis placed on the exceptional opportunities for growth within the UK's largest regional economy outside London.



A key takeaway from the Summit

Through insightful discussions and informative presentations, we gained valuable insights into how government initiatives will bolster the region's economic resilience. The opportunity to network with prominent business and political leaders enabled delegates to forge relationships that have the potential to drive future growth and innovation.



Why this is important to Spatial Global'

At Spatial Global, we recognise the significance of collaboration and innovation as catalysts for success. The Summit not only celebrated the Midlands' achievements but also facilitated in-depth discussions on how innovation can be harnessed to drive investment and fuel economic growth. It was refreshing to witness the enthusiasm and forward-thinking mindset of participants who are driving transformation across various sectors.

The timing of the Midlands Economic Summit couldn't have been more opportune. With the region's burgeoning potential and the challenges posed by an uncertain economic climate, this event provided a vital platform for thought leaders and experts to come together and address the pressing issues facing our region. The expert panels delved into critical topics such as the concept of "levelling up" and its implications for the Midlands' public and private sectors. We also explored the investment potential of key sectors and clusters, examined the impact of the UK energy transition, and discussed how innovation can drive investment.


The Midlands Economic Summit has set the stage for an exciting future

It has reignited our collective ambition to maximise growth opportunities and navigate the challenges that lie ahead. As the CEO of Spatial Global, I am enthused by the Summit's call to action and the shared vision of a prosperous Midlands.

The Summit served as a testament to the Midlands' resilience, innovative spirit, and unwavering determination. The Midlands Economic Summit was a resounding success, leaving an indelible impact on the Midlands business community. As we reflect on this transformative event, we must seize the momentum generated and continue our collaborative efforts to optimise opportunities, address challenges, and propel the Midlands towards an even brighter future.

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