What are your delivery options when transporting goods from GB to Europe?

Spatial Global can support UK-based exporters with a strategic advantage when expanding into Europe, by providing you with expert know-how, helping you navigate the complexities of post-Brexit trade & giving you the confidence to proceed.


The long and short of it

By far the easiest and most straightforward option to transport your goods into Europe is afforded by working closely with your customers, helping them in explaining that whilst Brexit has introduced a little more work for both importers & exporters the transport mechanics of getting their orders delivered is largely the same, excepting of course the introduction of customs formalities on both sides.


Negotiate sales with the correct incoterms

Your first priority should be to negotiate sales on a DAP basis whereby your commercial invoice should cover the cost of goods, transport and export customs formalities, this invoice will be free of VAT. Your customer prior to Brexit would have had the same invoice but this would have also included the additional VAT line.


Understanding post Brexit destination VAT

Post Brexit destination VAT is now payable at import but in the majority of cases this payment can be deferred using similar schemes to our own postponed VAT accounting whereby VAT input & output are recorded and reconciled as part of usual monthly / quarterly reporting. You may still receive some resistance due to the importer now having to arrange & pay for customs clearance but slowly and surely more & more hauliers are now allowing these destination customs charges to also be borne by the exporter, the importer simply then only having to fill in an authority form providing VAT, EU EORI numbers & signature. So long as your goods are of GB or EU origin that should be it, should any of the products be sourced from further afield however there could also be Duties & rules of origin too may apply, Spatial Global can assist & guide you with these determinations.



DDP - Using a single point of entry as your gateway to Europe

When it comes to exporting goods from the UK, or anywhere in the world into Europe, navigating the complex web of tax regulations and fiscal obligations can be daunting. Spatial Global can access solutions to fit with almost all your customer requirements assisting to streamline your European operations and ensure compliance with local tax laws.

Fiscal Representation

Fiscal representation is available for non-EU businesses exporting to European countries. It involves appointing a local representative to act as a liaison between your business and the tax authorities in the destination country. Spatial Global can advise you for options that may already be accessible or actions that you could take to assist in opening this delivery method. If you do not want to register for VAT in an EU country or multiple countries in your own right, it’s likely you would still require an EU EORI# registered to one of the member states in order to access fiscal representation.

Streamlined Compliance with European Tax Laws

One of the primary advantages of speaking with a Spatial Global representative is our first-hand knowledge of accessible routes to market, we know what works & what doesn’t. With our extensive freight forwarding experience we can provide insight to the complexities of VAT (Value Added Tax) and customs duties, helping minimise the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Simplified Customs Processes

Our European partners can assist with customs clearance, ensuring that your goods flow smoothly through the border and avoiding unnecessary delays or complications. Their Understanding of local regulations, business practices, and cultural nuances, can be invaluable to providing successful shipping outcomes.


Simplify your European operations and focus on growing your business

Having knowledge and confidence in your delivery processes means you can redirect your time and resources towards your core business activities. Letting our dedicated team handle the intricacies of exporting and importing, customs and tax compliance, allowing you to focus on growing your export business and seizing new opportunities in the European market.

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