Why you're better off with an independent mailing house

You may be surprised to learn you can get better prices, greater redundancy and more options.


Spatial Global offer multi-supplier mail solution

Having a 'multi-supplier' flexible solution means we can provide the most cost effective options for our clients’ mail. Often this involves providing hybrid solutions and flexible delivery services. It also means that if there is a problem with any one supplier, we can be agile in our response to unexpected challenges, such as cyber attacks and industrial action, and can often take immediate action to seamlessly maintain service levels.


Royal Mail international services offline after cyber attack

A cyber incident in January left Royal Mail unable to dispatch many overseas items. This meant that anyone solely using Royal Mail services encountered disruption for over a month, meaning long delays for mail caught in the system and the suspension of international services whilst the issues were resolved. If you sell online to an international audience, or distribute publications overseas, then the ransomware attack could have severely impacted your business. Industrial action and strikes are another threat that faces the Royal Mail, but they are not alone.


Want the highest levels of customer support for your specialist mail'

Hidden costs are difficult to spot unless you're an expert. Spatial Global have the flexibility to use multiple postal operators, and experience to know how and where to optimise costs. Providing a tailored service with built-in redundancy. Whether your mail is sorted or unsorted - letters, large letters, packets or parcels - you will get expert advice from our operations and customer service teams.

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