Prominent independent publishing company chooses Spatial Global for e-fulfilment

The fulfilment includes previous editions of magazines, special editions, collector's items, and merchandise related to the different magazine brands.


Multiple magazine titles each with dedicated online shops

With multiple titles across popular culture, music, film, travel, and other lifestyle-related subjects, the publisher uses several mailing houses to distribute its magazines – including Spatial Global. However, its growth in the number and diversity of titles in recent years, through a number of strategic acquisitions, made independent ongoing fulfilment of online sales inefficient.


Consolidating the e-fulfilment centralises stock, optimises costs

Whilst their online shops remain linked to the specific magazine brand, when customers buy their chosen back editions or merchandising, the orders all come to Spatial Global and the e-fulfilment process begins. Once we receive the order details, we can initiate the necessary steps to fulfil the order. By centralising all of the magazine back issues and branded merchandise, the publisher has both streamlined storage, operations, and optimised their management of online sales. This includes maintaining accurate records of their inventory to avoid overselling or disappointing customers.


Expanding its operations beyond publishing

The e-fulfilment of magazine back issues and other merchandise offers customers the convenience of accessing past editions or related items they may have missed or wish to collect. It allows publishers and retailers to serve a broader customer base and extend the reach of their products beyond their initial release.

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