Specialist mailing services in the digital age

While digital communication channels have gained popularity, mailing services continue to offer unique advantages that make them a valuable channel for businesses communications.


Growing trend of offline reading and taking a digital detox

While digital content has undoubtedly impacted the publishing and print industry, the enduring popularity of magazine subscriptions and direct mail demonstrates that many people still appreciate the unique qualities and experiences that printed mail and magazines provide.


It’s about understanding your audience and how they prefer to consume information

Physical mail provides a tangible and physical presence that digital media lacks. Customers can hold and examine the physical mail piece, which can often contribute to a greater perception of authenticity. Emails and digital mailings on the other hand, can be easily deleted, marked as spam, or manipulated, raising concerns about the credibility and trustworthiness of the content.


But it isn’t an ‘either or choice’ between physical mail and digital

Age, technological literacy, industry context, and prior experiences all influence the target customers' perceptions and trust levels in different communication channels. But in a highly saturated market, direct mail often proves to be the most effective method of standing out from the crowd. Moreover, direct mail that directs recipients to online platforms offers even greater advantages.


Marketeers and publishers alike understand the two combined are a formidable combination

With the adoption of QR codes, it’s now easier than ever to incorporate digital sign-ups within physical mailings and magazine advertising.

According to a study conducted by Royal Mail, 100,000 direct mail pieces delivered through door drop resulted in 280,000 impressions and were shared 4,000 times. Similarly, partially addressed mail generated 390,000 impressions and received 7,000 shares. In contrast, fully addressed mail yielded 440,000 impressions and was shared 11,000 times.

In an era where digital communication has become ingrained in our daily lives, direct mail not only continues to thrive but is also experiencing a resurgence of genuine enthusiasm. When used creatively and in compliance with regulations, direct mail offers a distinctive and attention-grabbing alternative to the overwhelming flood of digital content.

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