Ukraine Project Update

Keswick Enterprises, Spatial Globals parent company, have been actively involved in helping the Ukraine people since the Russian invasion, here's the most recent update of what's happened.


ICMDA Ukraine Appeal

The International Christian Medical and Dental Association is an international organisation of Christians in medicine and dentistry. The organisation has rallied to support those suffering because of the conflict in Ukraine. The organisation focuses its resources on caring for the wounded, displaced and homeless, serve in frontline health facilities and act as a portal to provide drugs, consumables and equipment to hospitals and health centres.


More than 130 shipments have been delivered

Keswick is part of a consortium of logistics companies and charities, and their significant logistics operation is only possible through the generous support of its donors. Working in coordination with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine, the consortiums' supply route is to transport shipments to Lublin, Poland, where the loads are transhipped to Ukrainian lorries and sent onward to Lviv. In Lviv, the shipments are received by the Christian Medical Association of Ukraine who distribute supplies across Ukraine as required.

The medical supplies and equipment sent to Ukraine are surplus stocks - donated through partnerships with NHS Trusts, private healthcare companies and medical supply companies. An example of the surplus stock donated by the NHS is a 1000 ex-Nightingale beds, mattresses and hospital furniture. Rather than spending on storage these are now being put to good use. Another example is AAH and Circle Health Group, who donated 4 lorry loads of syringes, needles and dressings.


Circa 3500 pallets of supplies

Donations from partners has meant we have transported around 3500 pallets of supplies like dressings, catheters, bandages, sutures, blankets, syringes, needles, wipes, first aid kits, PPE and valuable equipment like patient monitors, anaesthetic machines and hospital furniture. The consortium, under the ICMDA banner, also work with charities like IHP and HPIC who have access to important pharmaceuticals.


Paramedic packs

With funding from sister organisations we purchase key supplies that are not available for donation. For instance ICMDA prepared 140 paramedic packs - which have been warmly welcomed in frontline situations in Ukraine. The deliveries of medical supplies, with support from UK Logistics companies and private donors, provide a vital contribution to the healthcare situation in Ukraine.


An ongoing crisis

With no end to hostilities in sight – the urgent need for all forms of healthcare assistance continues in Ukraine We intend to seek further funding to continue deliveries of medical aid to Ukraine.


Consortium of logistics companies and charities

Elbar Services - Warehouse

Keswick Group - Logistics Management

Bunzl - Warehouse Logistics

UK Sunflower Aid - Transport

Dawson Group - Donor

Christians for Ukraine (Poland) - Warehouse and Transport

Taylors International - Transport

Neil Daniels - Donor

Steve Parkin - Donor

Stuart Oades - Family Donor

Thomas Good Packaging - Donor

Metro - Donor

Taylor Family - Donor

Harvey Family - Donor

Keswick Enterprises Holdings Charitable Trust - Donor


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