Creative sculptural designs exported worldwide

The theatrical sculptures are both beautiful as a standalone piece of art, and practical, in that they also have a functional use.


A unique range of luxury products

The British designers have capitalised with their unique range of luxury functional sculpture products. They have a growing client base which consists of high-end hotels, exclusive venues and wealthy individuals. The common thread is their desire to create beauty and install a living piece of art. Their products are large, constructed from a wide range of materials including carbon fibre and stainless steel. Each is customised to fit their clients individual setting and tastes.


The challenges in managing the logistics of these large sculptures

There is nothing standard about managing the delivery of one of these functional sculpture products. We manage the logistics from the manufacturing base to the final point of installation. No two projects are the same, and with such a high finish and valuable product, there is zero margin for error. The key to this type of project freight forwarding is clear communication at every stage. We've created a tailored freight forwarding solution, which manages the common elements of each project and humanises the exception. We manage every aspect from the export documentation to the multimodal transport needed to get each piece to its final destination.

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