Pioneering Green Product Chooses Spatial Global for Efulfilment

Echologika has invented a sustainable alternative to bins and liners, with the goal of saving our planet, Onebin at a time.


We’re really pleased to win the Echologika account, it’s a great product and our omnichannel fulfilment solutions are perfectly positioned to support their product ranges' sales growth across a mix of channels. 

John Langton T & E-Commerce Manager, Spatial Global Limited


UK Search for efulfilment partner for innovative Onebin product range

Colin Wells, the founder and inventor of Onebin is not your typical green evangelist, in fact he's a career engineer who specialises in designing efficiency solutions. Onebin is an efficient solution to an everyday household need, made from sustainably sourced plastic free moisture resistant pulp board rendering the products leakproof and weatherproof. Consider the way we tackle plastic bags on the high street, charging for them has significantly reduced their usage. However, most households primary use of plastic bags is in managing refuse.




Onebin has been widely acclaimed as a practical, sustainable solution to replace this everyday usage of plastic. This means the potential scale of Onebin is enormous. Any efulfilment partner considered, needed to support this potential growth, both from an ecommerce perspective (B2C) and a direct distribution model (B2B). This is because Onebin is positioned as a solution to the local authorities’ future waste strategies, which centre on energy recovery from anaerobic digestion and the circular economy.


Why Spatial Global stood out as the best partner

Our search for an efulfilment partner was extensive and UK wide. The experience of most providers was disappointing for a variety of reasons, often the cost models submitted were complex and contained hidden fees. Spatial Global were responsive to our specific needs and presented straightforward solutions with clear commercials. What's more they could demonstrate capacity, security and the strategy to deliver upon our projected growth models. Based in the heart of the Midlands, they were also ideally located for their proximity to our manufacturers and central access to the UK transportation networks.

Colin Wells Founder & Managing Director Echologika Ltd


Efulfilment is critical to our business plan

It was paramount we selected the right efulfilment partner, as accessibility and distribution would be key to the Onebin's projected growth. During the past 9 months product launch and awareness roadshows, when we exhibited at political and Net Zero conferences, we experienced keen interest and support from many UK regional and municipal Councillors, Green Party members, corporations and institutions such as the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association, where we will be exhibiting in December.



This feedback confirmed our belief and independent surveys, that plastics in the management of refuse is an issue which needs addressing, yet is seemingly ignored. Our ambition is to make a significant contribution to the circular economy through catalysing a wholesale change of packaging materials, enabling the entire contents of our containers to be processed through anaerobic digestion, to harvest not only clean energy but also to compost, to accelerate new growth.


Helping UK Households Save 98,000,000 Litres of Oil Every Year

Echologika’s ultimate ambition for filled discarded containers to generate clean energy from anaerobic digestion is long term and reliant upon incoming legislation to ban single use plastic food packaging. Until that utopia is upon us, our products will nonetheless help UK households avoid the consumption of c60,000 Tonnes of plastic in the form of bin liners, broken bins and wheelie bins, manufactured from c98m Litres of oil, containing enough energy to power c240,000 Homes, whilst units taken to landfill will decrease the toxicity of leachate and those taken for incineration will reduce the toxicity of flue gasses.



Based on published data Echologika assess that UK households annually discard 60,000 (1) Tonnes of plastic bins and liners produced using more than 98,000,000 (2) Litres of crude oil containing enough energy to power more than 250,000 (3) homes.


  1. Mass: Annual plastic waste container and liner consumption derived by quantities defined in (A) + 1 general waste wheelie bin having an average life of 12.5 years (C) for 80% of all UK households (C) + three types of internal general waste container having an average life of 10 years (G) for 70% (G) of all UK households all updated to reflect UK 2023 population (B) applied to average mass data defined in (A) and empirical data (G).
  2. Litres oil: Crude oil to plastic conversion (D).
  3. Energy: Litres oil to energy (E)
  4. Annual electrical consumption per household (F)


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